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February 28, 2015
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The Luxury Home Market in Alta, Wyoming, Richard Keating Style

Fourteen years ago the world-renowned architect Richard Keating was flying over Teton Valley in the area of Alta, Wyoming

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Powder Mountain Press Wins Idaho Press Club Awards


Powder Mountain Press Wins Idaho Press Club Awards

Each of three magazine titles published by Powder Mountain Press (PMP) received honors at the Idaho Press Club’s annual “Best of 2012” awards banquet, held Saturday, May 18, at the Boise Center in Boise.

In the category of Magazine Writing—Light Feature, Teton Family Magazine won first place with “Milky Ways: The Scoop on Raw Milk,” by Annie Fenn, M.D., editor Sue Muncaster. The article, which appears in the Fall 2012 issue of the magazine, considers the potential health pros and cons of raw milk, and also contrasts the very different ways the state health departments of Wyoming and Idaho regulate the product. Author Fenn, of Wilson,...

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A Swan's Song


A Swan's Song


A couple of weeks back, Powder Mountain Press publisher Nancy McCullough-McCoy was driving along Cedron Road on the west side of Teton Valley, when she came across a dead trumpeter swan near the small open-water spring known as Miller's Pond. "It was so beautiful," she says, explaining that she stopped and got out of the car to move the swan off the roadway. "I was shocked by how light it was, for a bird so big."

Later, Nancy ran into Emily Nichols of the Teton Regional Land Trust and told her about the trumpeter swan. Nancy knew that in the past the TRLT had worked with the local power company to install reflectors on the power lines just east of the pond. A lot of the...

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Winter Teton Valley Magazine


Winter Teton Valley Magazine

The stories from the winter 2012-13 edition of Teton Valley Magazine are now posted in their entirety (text, but not photos) here at LifeInTheTetons.com. Have a look, for example, at Raising the Bar, a fun little piece about Kate Schade and her successful energy-bar enterprise, Kate's Real Food.

After getting a taste of Kate's bars and some of the other stories, you'll want to grab a complementary copy of the magazine so you can read all of the articles in context with their photos and illustrations. You can find Teton Valley Magazine all over the place in Teton Valley, and at select locations in Jackson Hole including the...

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Winter Issue of Jackson Hole magazine is here!


Winter Issue of Jackson Hole magazine is here!


I've been working on the winter issue of Jackson Hole magazine since September 1. Well, really since mid-February, 2012. That was when I first sat down with a group to decide the stories that would be in the issue. Shortly after that meeting, I assigned the ideas we came up with to some amazing writers. (So that we can get the quality of images that our photo editor, Bradly Boner, wants, we have to plan nearly a year out.)  It was starting September 1 that I finally got to see the magic the writers had wrought.

And now you can see the magic too!

Jackson Hole News & Guide editor Angus Thuermer, Jr. writes about his new pair of Igneous skis. Hand-made and designed to...

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Yurt Skiing in the Tetons


Yurt Skiing in the Tetons

Molly Loomis, a frequent contributor to Teton Valley Magazine and Teton Home & Living, had a nice story with regional relevance published in The Boston Globe ealier this month. It starts out like this:

"The moment Katie crested the hill she stopped.

"'Those can’t be dogs,' she said.

"We caught up just in time to see four animals dashing across a bench on the other side of the small valley. Too large to be coyotes, too small and high in the mountains to be elk, they were wolves. Four of them.

"Our group of eight friends was less than 7 miles, as the crow flies, from the town of Driggs and just a half-hour ski tour from the comfort of our backcountry yurt. Still we had...

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RIGHT NOW Q&A: Stagecoach Bar: An American Crossroads


RIGHT NOW Q&A: Stagecoach Bar: An American Crossroads

The Stagecoach Bar: An American Crossroads looks at the history of the iconic Wilson, Wyo. bar and the band that has played there every Sunday night since February 16, 1969.

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RIGHT NOW: WDC in Cowboys & Indians


RIGHT NOW: WDC in Cowboys & Indians

A great little piece about the Western Design Conference appears in both the July 2012 hard-copy edition of Cowboys & Indians ("The Premier Magazine of the West") and on the magazine's Web Exclusives. Click on this link to read it -- and don't neglect to run through the entire 17-photo slide show found at the bottom image.

The 2012 WDC kicks off two weeks from tomorrow!

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RIGHT NOW: Sherpa talks about K2 at NMWA tonight


RIGHT NOW: Sherpa talks about K2 at NMWA tonight

Author Amanda Padoan and climber Chhiring Dorje Sherpa talk about K-2 August 21, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

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GETTING OUT: Hanging Canyon

On the west shore of Jenny Lake, Hanging Canyon is a short(ish) but steep hike.

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